A liquid phase heating system are designed to heating thermic fluid up to 300° C at near atmospheric pressures, with efficiency as high as 87% on NCV of oil.

CAPACITY : 50,000 K.Cal/Hr. to 10,00,000 K.CaL/Hr
TEMPERATURE : 305°C to 310°C Oil fired.


  • Fuily automatic thermic iiuid heater-The temp and the combustion are automatically controlled.
  • No attendant required.
  • Higher efficiency-The heater operates at a very ow pressure near atmospheric pressure. . W Non-IBR Hence no need to shut down the system tor statuary inspection.
  • Low investment
  • Fuel Saving
  • No Corrosion or scale formation – The thermic fiuid used in the system is non-corrosive and completely free from any suspended or dissolved soiid.