Cooling water is used to lower the temperature for machinery turbines, condensers, heat exchanger, etc. In manufacturing utility operations, water having so many impurities like calcium and magnesium sulphate, dissolved gases and other minerals. As a result it creates problems like equipment failure, breakdown and thus production suffers. To overcome such problems, “Servomax” is offering its tailor-made range of chemicals which will be safest hand to increase the efficiency by minimisation the cost of operation.


Servomax 811 – Scale preventive

Servomax 812 – Scale & corrossion inhibitor

Servomax 813 – Scale & corrossion inhibitor

Servomax 814 – Dispresant

Servomax 815 – Corrossion Inhibitor (O.C.)

Servomax 816 – Corrossion Inhibitor (O.C.)

Servomax 817 – Corrossion Inhibitor (O.C.)

Servomax 818 – Corrossion Inhibitor (O.C.)

Servomax 820 – Algaecide

Servomax 821 – Microbiocide

Servomax 822 – ASlime Control (Microbiocide)