Scales, deposits and sludge of various forms form in the boiler. Some of them may present serious problems to the equipment life scaling of boiler tubes. There are various methods of cleaning but chemical treatment is the most widely accepted and process adopted for descaling and removal of deposits. Descaling programmes comprise of cleaning the surface without damaging the metals, scale softening followed by passivisation.


Servomax 611 – Descaling Chemical

Servomax 612 – Sp. Descaling Chemical

Servomax 613 – Descaling Chemical (Powder Form)

Servomax 614 – Passivator

Servomax 615 – On line Descaling Chemical

Servomax 616 – Cleaning Chemical for rediator, A/C, Fins etc.

Servomax 617 – HCL Inhibitor, H2SO4 Inhibitor, Sulpharic Acid Inhibitor

Servomax 618 – Floor Cleaners