Untreated or raw water is never pure. Chemical treatment programme of water inside the boiler is essential to take care of various impurities entering into the boiler such as Hardness, Oxygen and silica. If the treatment programme is not accompanied by effective monitoring are one of the leading causes of excessive Boiler operating inefficiencies and failure.

Servomax with a team of specialists offers a guarantee base Boiler Water Treatment Programme to keep the surface clear, minimise the amount of blowdown and prevent corrosion. A clean boiler which operates much economically enjoy a longer service life.


Servomax 711 – Antisclant

Servomax 712 – Scale preventive/corrossion inhibitor

Servomax 713 – Sludge Conditioner

Servomax 714 – I PH Booster

Servomax 714 – II Spl. PH Booster

Servomax 715 – Alkalinity reducer

Servomax 716 – (I) Sulphite base Oxygen scavenger

Servomax 716 – (II) Hydrazine base Oxygen scavenger

Servomax 717 – Vapor phase corrossion inhibitor

Servomax 718 – Fire side chemical

Servomax 719 – Multi purpose treatment